Well Water Treatment Systems in Tampa Bay

Know what's in your well water and how to treat it for safe, clean water throughout your entire home. Sayler's Suncoast Water offers affordable and effective solutions for iron, nitrates, arsenic, hard water, hydrogen sulfide (smelly water), and more.

Sayler's Suncoast Water offers free basic water testing with fast, accurate results in most local areas. Enter your zip code to see if you qualify for free water testing!

We will perform a basic test on your water to determine your Total Dissolved Solids, Hardness, and Chlorine content and present you with a professional analysis of the results. We'll also recommend water treatment solutions to fix the problems you have with your water. There's no obligation to purchase anything and zero pressure. Our goal is to inform you of what's in your water and how to fix it cost-effectively.

Hardness Minerals
What it is - hard water contains calcium and magnesium minerals which bond with everything they touch leaving "limescale" in their wake.

Treatment – Our guaranteed water softener provides the best option for soft water on the market. It improves the water throughout your entire home while protecting your appliances and fixtures.


What it is - Iron can come in a couple different forms including dissolved and non-dissolved. Both of which can leave red/orange stains on your sinks, tubs, and toilets and can be extremely hard to remove. Iron can also cause bacteria to grow and let off an unpleasant smell. Click here to learn more.

What it is - Chlorine is a chemical used by municipal & local water treatment plants to reduce harmful bacteria in the water supply. While this sounds good, chlorine and chloramines can cause a bacteria of their own to grow called trihalomethanes (TTHM) which is quite unsafe to drink or bathe in.

Treatment – The most efficient Chlorine reduction filter is Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) or Catalytic Carbon. Due to the high level of chlorine added to water by cities, you will really appreciate your water with chlorine reduction. See our Whole House Filtration page for more information.

Dirt & Sediment
What it is - dirt & sediment is just as it sounds. This is typically most common in well water or surface water that hasn't gone through a treatment facility.

Treatment – Dirt and sediment are found in almost all water supplies and will decrease the efficiency and lifespan of your appliances. For example, sediment in a water heater can prevent the heat from transferring to the water in the tank once sediment has built up in the bottom. Our whole house filtration system can help with this problem.

Smelly Water (Hydrogen Sulfide or Iron Bacteria)

There are typically two water contaminants that can cause your water to smell like sulfur or rotten eggs, one is Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) and the other is iron or sulfates.

 H2S is a mineral that is released from the earth and finds its way into groundwater. It’s especially common in well water located near shale, sandstone, coal, peat, or oil.

 Occasionally, a rotten-egg smell in your water could also be caused by a water heater or by sewage pollution in your water. If you’re on city water, the most likely explanation is your water heater.

 The most important thing to note is that it is ALWAYS worthwhile to get your water tested as H2S poses a serious potential health risk including nausea, vomiting, and other serious health effects.

Learn more, here.

PFAS, Lead, & Cyst

Water in our area has frequently been positive for lead, cysts, and PFOA/PFOS. These chemicals have been found to exceed the levels set forth by health advisory organizations and may cause health problems.

The chemicals Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), also known as C8, and Perfluorooctane Sulfonic acid (PFOS) are bio-permanent, resistant to direct oxidation, and do not break down naturally in the environment or the human body. Studies suggest that exposure to these chemicals may lead to cancer. 

Learn more about our PFAS removal systems, by clicking here.

Chromium 6

A new study by the Environmental Working Group reports that local drinking water contains hexavalent chromium, a toxic metal that has been linked to cancer. While the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency does not require the testing for the metal, the survey found that levels in our local water were pushing the levels proposed as a safety limit by authorities. This contaminant has been proven to cause cancer. You can search your zip code to see the amount in your municipal water supply here: https://www.ewg.org/interactive-maps/2016-chromium6-lower-48.php#.WXYljtPyu-l


Arsenic is a common water issue in Florida, however, it can be easily and affordably removed with an under-sink filter from Sayler's Suncoast Water.

According to the CDC, “Arsenic can enter the water supply from natural deposits in the earth or from industrial and agricultural pollution. It is widely believed that naturally occurring arsenic dissolves out of certain rock formations when ground water levels drop significantly. Some industries in the United States release thousands of pounds of arsenic into the environment every year. Once released, arsenic remains in the environment for a long time. Arsenic is removed from the air by rain, snow, and gradual settling. Once on the ground or in surface water, arsenic can slowly enter groundwater. High arsenic levels in private wells may come from certain arsenic-containing fertilizers used in the past or industrial waste.” Click here to learn more.

Other Contaminants
What they are - common contaminants in our area can include nitrates, lead, arsenic, pharmaceuticals, and more. These are not included in the free water test, however, we do offer full laboratory testing at an affordable price.

Treatment – Protecting the water in your home is important, however ensuring the purity of the water you are putting in your body is even more crucial. Our Reverse Osmosis drinking water system will give you a peace of mind that your drinking water is healthy, and you are going to fall in love with this drinking water system that can provide up to 50 gallons per day of delicious water.

Free water testing analysis

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I have had my filter system through sayilers for almost 2 years now. I also have it at my rental house. They are prompt and courteous .I don't have to worry about any maintenance it's all taken care of. thank you so much for... your great service!read more
Jill Rose
Jill Rose
15:06 08 Oct 20
Very nice people. Reliable. Even helped me figure out what was beeping in my garage 😅
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Debbie Mulcahy
20:56 07 Oct 20
Always on time with salt refill. I never have to worry about the soft water filter!
Jere Anderson
Jere Anderson
21:26 06 Oct 20
The service was always good . Kept up with filling the salt wgen needed
Eugene Sanita
Eugene Sanita
18:20 06 Oct 20
Sayler's Suncoast Water was on time as promised. The technicians were through and neat. We discussed the drain line from the water softener when the unit regenerates. Typically the line is run above the ground. I... envisioned problems with the line catching on the lawn mower and as foot traffic passed that way. I asked the technician if there was a different way to vent the tank. He described a another drain style but didn't have the parts on the truck to install. I've called the home number and requested a French Drain style to be installed.The technician was through, before he departed, he gave me a quick overview of the operation and maintenance of the unit. Four stars, soon to be five after the improved drain system is installed.read more
Benney Mills
Benney Mills
17:05 11 Jul 20
Great personal service, great water.
Avrim Topel, Songwriter
Avrim Topel, Songwriter
03:50 01 Jun 20
Great service, flexible options, and most importantly they made a huge impact on our water- no more water spots on the shower door and made our laundry soft!
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Collin Griffin
19:41 29 May 20
They are always great. Very efficient and we have never had a problem. Brad is very friendly, very hard working, and very good at what he does.
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Marianne Quirk
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excellent customer service. delivery driver is a true professional
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Excellent product and customer service!
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